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Our story

1993 – incorporation of the GULBIS Multi-Profile Production Private Unitary Enterprise on the territory of the Republic of Belarus; operating in the field of construction, woodworking.

1996 – obtaining a license to carry out shipping and forwarding activities as well as to provide services in the field of international freight transportation.

2004 – expanding the geography of transportation, enabling freight transportation in the Scandinavian direction (Sweden, Finland, Denmark, and Norway).

2006 – obtaining membership in the  BAMAP – Belarusian Association of International Road Carriers.  

2010 – restructuring the GULBIS Production Private Unitary Enterprise into the GULBIS Limited Liability Company which specializes in forwarding activities only.

2012 – launching project and oversized freight transportation.

2017 – obtaining recognition by the BAMAP Association for the contribution to the expansion of the geography of transportation, the development of new markets for transport services, the increase in the export of freight road transport services and labor productivity.

2018 – launching freight transportation to the UK.

2019 – attending the meeting of the Belarusian-Norwegian Joint Committee on International Road Transport along  with the state bodies of the Republic of Belarus.

2020 – based on the business performance, GULBIS, LLC is the # 1 company in implementing bilateral transportation operations between the Republic of Belarus and Norway as well as between the Republic of Belarus and Sweden.

2021 –  winning a prize from the BAMAP Association for the implementation of investment project to purchase office space to locate the headquarters of GULBIS, LLC.